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Canned Smoked Albacore Tuna (Candied)


Sold by the can, or packs of six, twelve or twenty-four cans.



Tanya-Ray Fishing provides #1 quality Line caught Albacore Tuna from the Pacific North-west. Each can is hand packed with only a pinch of sea-salt and spices.  No oil or water is added and then it is smoked in a natural hardwood smokehouse. Yummy! Cooked in its own natural oil produces a finished product that is rich in flavour and packed full of rich nutrients. When you open a can it is solid packed so that you have to pry it out of the can. Taste the difference that quality makes. One bite and you are hooked. I call this Candied Tuna as it has a sweet/savory flavour that keeps you wanting to eat more.

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1, 6, 12, 24