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Simple Easy Yummy!

This is the easiest recipe that can be created for 1 or for many. No measuring required.


Albacore Tuna loin or cut into steaks

Garlic seasoning and Pepper

Sesame Seeds



  • Season your tuna with garlic shaker and pepper.
  • Put sesame seeds onto a plate or bowl. Press tuna steaks or loin into the sesame seeds to cover all sides
  • Preheat non stick skillet to med high. Add a dab of butter and oil for searing.
  • When pan is preheated add Tuna and sear on all sides. Be careful not to overcook and dryout.
  • Serve on your favorite bed of greens, or with other favorite side dishes. I like to add a fresh strawberry salsa on top.

Tips on Cooking

  • How to tell pan is ready-Cut a small piece of tuna of the tip. Drop into the preheated pan. If it smokes Too Hot, simmers Too cold but if you hear it Searing just right.
  • How to cook-If you like raw the key to success is quick sear on every side leaving the middle raw. For those that don’t want as much raw, you will first cut your tuna loin into steaks so you can cook more thoroughly. Place your tuna steak into the preheated pan. You will see the tuna change in color and turn white as it cooks. Sear approx 1/3, turn over sear the other side 1/3 and now you will have just a small amount of raw. You do not want the two cooked lines to meet as if they do you have overcooked .If you want no raw, complete the above step but continue to sear on the other edges quickly. Tuna cooks very quick, so be sure you don’t overcook and dry out.

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